Patagonia outdoors offers you a wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy North Patagonia all year round at the utmost with English-speaking guides. Based in San Carlos de Bariloche our company features these options for: trekking, mountaineering, climbing, mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, horse riding, fishing, overlanding, cross-country skiing and snowshoe hiking according to seasons:




One-day horse ride in a Patagonian ranch. Covering thousands of hectares, in a place where nature remains untouched, allowing you to explore and appreciate amazing landscapes. Excellent horses for all types of ground and local English speaking guides with good knowledge of the region will take us to places you never imagined. Spots where you can have panoramic views of Bariloche and the Andean Mountain Range and where it is possible to see deer, hares, red foxes, condors, eagles and all the region vegetation. Other optional trip take us to ride along Andean valleys, going through mountainous trails, crossing steep glens, wading across rivers, enjoying the fascinating silence forests can offer .


San Carlos de Bariloche is the ideal place for mountain trekking. To go along trails and paths worth knowing due to the natural and scenic richness of this area. From hiking through level ground to going up to the top of hills and mountains, we can suggest a tailor-made tour for the whole family. Nature interpreting is an essential part of this activity, for our specialized English speaking guides will instruct you on how to preserve it, taking into account every piece of ground we tread on during our adventure .


Rivers of the Nahuel Huapi National Park feature an ideal setting for rafting and kayaking. If you love nature or are looking for excitement, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience. Navigation in these rivers allows you to explore region riches in an unique manner, experiencing a great sense of personal satisfaction while you discover new feelings arousing from coming into contact with nature. Our English - speaking guides are first-class kayakers and rafters, with broad experience in other countries that have become professionals in mountain river navigation.




Kayaking offers a wide range of navigation possibilities, from the most tranquil waters for the less adventurous to the most extreme ones. A personal challenge that will introduce you to a fascinating and unique universe. Since learning does not require special abilities from the beginner, it can be practiced by children and adults as well. If a person can swim he can also row. Kayaking allows you to explore hideaways and beaches otherwise impossible to access. Lakes and rivers appear from a totally new point of view with the taste of discovery.

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